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The space need not be limited to exercise and swimming alone. At the press of a button the rising pool floor will raise itself to the same level as the pool surround. With appropriate choice of materials it can be difficult to detect what lies below the new games

Swimming Pool Moving Floors | Showcase | LSPC

The moving floors pool can be adjusted to whatever water level is needed. Watch videos of our award winning moving floors in action. Can you retrofit a moving floor into an existing swimming pool? Retrofitting a moving floor into an existing pool would require

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CREATIONS Our swimming pools are unique as they are the reflection of each of our customers Since we started operating, our enterprising spirit and enthusiasm in rising to challenges have made us world leaders in movable swimming pool floors. Our customers

The amazing £500,000 swimming pools that transform into solid flooring at the touch of a button | Daily Mail Online

These moving floor swimming pools are fast becoming the home improvement of choice for rich residents with a spare £500,000. The lavish millionaires' toy allows homeowners to replace their swimming pool with a solid floor at the touch of a button. It can then be used as a dance floor, party venue

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Following the success of its movable and submersible floors for the swimming pool, Agor has now come up with this very creative folding floor. The modern-looking folding wooden deck, works as a normal pool cover to start with. It covers the pool completely

Hidden Swimming Pool with Movable Hydraulic Floor | Aqua Platinum

A concealed swimming pool can open up a huge amount of floor space. Aqua Platinum specialise in hydraulic movable floors to cover indoor pools. A concealed swimming pool can open up a huge amount of floor space. Aqua Platinum specialise in hydraulic

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Stainless Steel Swimming Pools and Moving Pool Floors From basement pools through to grand country house pools with moving pool floors, Wrightfield provides a service designed to help you get the pool of your dreams

Movable Pool Floor Systems - Akvo Spiralift

Movable pool floor systems by Akvo Spiralift. Optimize your living space adjusting the height of the pool floor. Patio or pool when you want it. Toggle navigation Movable Pool Floors Home About Us Technology Projects

Swimming Pools With Movable Floors | OhGizmo!

By Andrew Liszewski How cool is this? A company called Technology Pools based in the UK can actually build you a new pool, or retrofit an existing facility with a movable floor that can be raised or lowered at the push of a button. The idea is to maximize the use

Disappearing pools with rising floors - Business Insider

Imagine having a sunny dry deck that descends to become a relaxing in-ground pool at the push of a button. The engineers at Agor Creative Engineering specialize in just such an experience. The movable pool floor can submerge below water, or rise above it to

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